Deck Preservation and Retaining Systems are Key Topics at the Upcoming NEBPP in NJ

Author: Lorella Angelini, Angelini Consulting Services, LLC

In less than two months, on September 11-13, the Northeast Bridge Preservation Partnership (NEBPP) meeting is scheduled to take place in New Brunswick, NJ. The meeting encompasses four sessions: deck preservation, research needs, case studies and retaining systems.

Over 150 bridge preservation practitioners specialized in maintenance and repair of concrete and bridge structures will be gathering in New Brunswick from the States that comprise the North-East region: Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. In addition to representatives from the owners, the meeting will also bring together contractors, consulting engineers, academia and manufacturers, who can showcase their innovation in products and services.

As with all TSP2 Bridge Preservation Partnership meetings, time will be dedicated to round tables where participants have the opportunity to exchange information and discuss practices that extends the service life of bridges.

Through the free and open exchange of ideas and information, the NEBPP’s mission is to better serve those who use the northeast transportation system. NEBPP strives to use innovation, new ideas, new products, and the combined experience of participant States to make bridge maintenance procedures and repairs the best that can be provided.

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2 thoughts on “Deck Preservation and Retaining Systems are Key Topics at the Upcoming NEBPP in NJ

  1. I just read all of the interviews with state DOT representatives and no mention of the primary cause of bridge deterioration begin reinforcing steel corrosion and the most common cited remedial action being application of sealers. There continues to be resistance for the use of surface applied corrosion inhibitors. The ones registered with states are under paint or sealers since there is no category for surface applied migratory corrosion inhibitors. NJ DOT is the only state presently having a program for application on bridge decks. A Unified Facilities Guide Specification on the use of surface applied inhibitors was published in 2017 as UFGS 09 97 23.17 “Corrosion Inhibitor Coatings of Concrete Surfaces” It also was published under the Finishes category since there is not one for surface applied inhibitors. The UFGS is based on a 10 year study of the function of 2 types of inhibitors on military concrete structures in Okinawa and was written by NAVFAC.

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