Year: 2019

A Conversation with John Hooks, TSP2 Bridge Preservation

By Lorella Angelini, Angelini Consulting Services, LLC John Hooks is a key part of the TSP2 Bridge Preservation team. He combines depth of engineering knowledge and technical competence about bridges with great people skills, the ability to listen and to

A Conversation with Tripp Shenton, Professor of Civil Engineering at University of Delaware

With twenty five years as a University Professor in the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tripp Shenton brings his academic experience to TSP2, at both the regional and national level. I spoke with Tripp about several topics including how

Gregg Freeman speaks of the newly released Bridge Preservation Pocket Guides

By Lorella Angelini, Angelini Consulting Services, LLC The TSP2 Bridge Preservation web site has released the PDF of three Pocket Guides (PG) that have been recently published by the FHWA Bridge Preservation Expert Task Group (BPETG). They are titled: “Bridge

A Conversation with Brian Mintz, Phoscrete Corporation

By Lorella Angelini, Angelini Consulting Services, LLC Brian Mintz,  the General Manager for Phoscrete Corp. based in Deerfield Beach, FL, and operating in North America, is very passionate about bridge preservation both personally and professionally. Bridge preservation is in fact

A Conversation with Michael Johnson, Caltrans

Author: Lorella Angelini, Angelini Consulting Services, LLC Michael Johnson is the State Transportation Asset Management Engineer at Caltrans, a responsibility that includes the management of both bridges and roads. Beyond his work at Caltrans, Michael is very active in the